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Any exuse will do to put off doing your taxes

When it’s time to do your taxes or update your financial files, almost any old excuse will do as a reason to put it off. That’s why having a professional tax and bookkeeping team you can rely on to do the job for you is so important. Meade Accounting and Taxation is ready to do your accounting work even when you’re not, and their expert team of personal, small business and corporate account specialists will ensure that your taxes are done right and on time.

Based in Vaughn and serving clients all across Canada, Meade Accounting and Taxation offers a wide range of accounting and taxation services to cater to every size business and budget. Our Corporate Tax Preparation services keeps clients up-to-date on the latest changes and amendments pertaining to those tax issues that are most important to individuals and business. Meade Accounting can assist corporations, small businesses, sole proprietors and partnerships benefit from our expertise in taxation and accounting, by assisting them navigate through the red tape and regulations imposed on business by regulatory agencies and government. We also specialize in areas of Self-Employed, Rental Property Owners and Commission-only Salespersons. For private individuals, Personal Income Tax Preparation has never been easier with Meade’s experienced team working to ease the stress and hassle associated with annual taxes. We offer a safe, comfortable and affordable alternative to the big-box accounting environment, and take pride in our one-to-one customized and friendly service.

In addition to tax filing assistance, Meade Accounting and Taxation also offers assistance with government auditing. We know that getting a notice of audit from Revenue Canada Revenue, the Ministry of Finance, WSIB or another government agency can be one of the most stressful events in a your life, but with Meade on your side, there’s no reason to feel alone and helpless. We’re here for you, and our experienced staff and full slate of resources will be made available to ensure you can sleep at night and continue doing what you do best, running your business. 

As the saying goes – the best defense is a good offence. In terms of taxation, that means the best way to keep on top of your taxes is to have good Accounting and Bookkeeping Service assisting you. Meade Accounting and Taxation knows that bookkeeping is a task that not everyone is good at, let alone something that everyone has time for or is even interested in doing. That’s why we offer to do the drudge work for you. Delaying updating your books can lead to untold problems, now and into the future. But there’s no need to delay when you have Meade’s accomplished and professional team of bookkeepers ready and willing to keep the books for you. Our rates are tailored to every size business and every business need. Whether you’re looking for a one-off fixing-up or an ongoing servicing of your accounts, Meade will customize a service that suits you and your business best.

At Meade Accounting and Taxation, our goal is to fully satisfy your financial needs with tax preparation, accounting, audit representation, and bookkeeping services that are second to none. Our clients range from private individuals to self-employed entrepreneurs and from small- and medium-sized businesses to large corporations. Our professionally-trained and accredited staff is always on hand to serve you, whether on the phone, in person, or online. We take on your problems as our own, and don’t rest until we’ve resolved them to your satisfaction. Please visit for more information.

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