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Business Structure
There are several business structures: • Sole proprietorship • Partnership • Corporation • Registered charity • Non-profit organizations • Trusts.

How CRA Selects Files to Audit

Who has to pay tax in Canada, and on what income?
A person who is a resident of Canada, and moves to another country, could still be considered to be a resident of Canada for tax purposes.

Appeals and objections for GST/HST
A taxpayer who disagrees with CRA's ( Canada Revenue Agency ) assessment of a particular return may appeal the assessment. CRA provides for a formal objection process for taxpayers. The process commences with the filing of a Notice of Objection to an assessment or a reassessment.

Enhanced dividend tax credit for eligible Canadian
The enhanced dividend tax credit lowers the taxes individuals pay on dividends from large Canadian corporations. When Minister of Finance Ralph Goodale introduced this program in fall 2005.

Should you incorporate your small business?
When beginning a business, one must decide what form of business entity to establish. The entity chosen for your business determines the amount of regulatory issues and paperwork that you would have to file,.

Filing taxes can be a headache
Filing taxes can be a headache that many small business owners have to endure when tax season arrives. The paperwork involved and the complicated rules and regulations can be difficult to follow. That’s why most small businesses choose to hire an expert in tax preparation.

Any exuse will do to put off doing your taxes
When it’s time to do your taxes or update your financial files, almost any old excuse will do as a reason to put it off. That’s why having a professional tax and bookkeeping team you can rely on to do the job for you is so important..

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