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Québec City consultant found guilty of tax evasion

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) investigation revealed that, for the 2004 to 2006 tax years, Pierre-André Verreault omitted to declare $105,857 in income he earned as a consultant, thus enabling him to evade $14,030 in federal tax.

In addition to the fines imposed by the Court, Mr. Verreault will have to pay the full amount of taxes owing plus related interest and any penalties that apply.

The vast majority of Canadians pay their taxes in full and on time. In fairness to them, the CRA has put into place effective and rigorous programs to identify those people who try to avoid paying taxes.

Individuals who have not filed returns for previous years, or who have not reported all of their income, can still voluntarily correct their tax affairs. They will not be penalized or prosecuted if they make a full disclosure before the CRA takes any action or starts an investigation concerning them. These individuals will only have to pay the taxes owing, plus interest. More information on the Voluntary Disclosures Program can be found on the CRA Web site at

The information in this news release was obtained from the court records.

Further information on convictions can be found in the Media Room on the CRA web site at

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